Give Thanks for Friends on Thanksgiving


For Thanksgiving, we give thanks for the amazing people in our lives.  We got to know the amazing public artist, sculptor and Cool Globe artist Nancy Schon through the Cool Globes Boston exhibit and we are grateful for this wonderful new friendship.  Thank you Cool Globes and thank you Nancy for friendship!  – Nico and Charlie

P.S. And thanks to Wendy, Megan and Mrs. Chase for all their help with our blog!!!

Build a Rain Garden Cool Globe


Build a Rain Garden

When it rains, it pours! The pollutants carried by storm water seriously undermine the health of our oceans and the safe use of our beaches. As storm water rushes to the sea, it skips important ecological steps like slowing down, cooling and filtering by sinking into the earth. The best way to keep apace with this problem is to take steps to decrease water run-off from our personal property. Each of us can reduce the amount of rainwater that runs headlong off of buildings collecting nasty pollutants such as fertilizer and petroleum products as well as pet waste and trash. Rain gardens easily transform yards into giant sponges with local plants and can allow 30 percent of storm water run-off to soak into the ground and be cooled and filtered naturally. We can route rain through downspouts to a rain barrel to store for irrigation or through pipes that feed onto a 4”–8” deep, 100–300 square foot space with local plants that promote soil absorption. This is inexpensive to achieve and will immediately benefit homeowners, our local beaches and oceans.

Artist: Lauri Burrier, “Build a Rain Garden”

Think about building your own rain garden!  -Charlie and Nico

Unite To Solve Problems



Unite to Solve Problems

The Cool Globes project––indeed this very exhibit––is proof positive that a little collaboration goes a long way. A true community effort, Cool Globes sprang to life nearly seven years ago thanks to the coming together of inspired artists and countless corporate, government, and non-profit organizations. Next time you find yourself asking, “What on earth can I do?” Remember, what is overwhelming for one, is rendered possible simply by individuals uniting together.

Artist: Michelle Maynerick, “Unite to Solve climate change ”

We like to think of this like playing sports – can you imagine playing football by yourself?  To play great football, you need to play as a team – the same thing applies to working to improve our climate! – Charlie and Nico

Change Your Lightbulbs Globe


Change Your Lightbulbs

Change the world one light bulb at a time! Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) use about 1⁄4 the energy of incandescent bulbs and last 10 times longer. They come in various sizes and fit in standard sockets. Soft white fluorescents give off warm light similar to traditional bulbs. If every American household switched one light bulb to a CFL, it would save enough power to light 2.5 million homes for an entire year. If each family replaced five incandescent bulbs in frequently used rooms, it would be like taking eight million cars off the road. Use lights wisely. Turn them off when you leave a room, and install dimmers, timers, and sensors to reduce unneeded lighting. When replacing fixtures, select energy efficient models. Best of all, use less electricity by taking advantage of natural sunlight. When you change a bulb, will you make it a change for the better?

Artist: Derric Clemmons, “Cool Rays”

We have been changing the lightbulbs in our house to CFLs over the past year.  Will you join us? -Nico and Charlie

Landfill Gas Energy Globe


Landfill Gas Energy

Can we turn garbage into gold? An enormous amount of garbage ends up in landfills, where it decomposes, producing harmful gas. Landfill gas is about 50% methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to global climate change. Currently, landfills are the largest human-generated source of methane emissions in the United States.  Ironically, methane gas is also a reliable and renewable fuel source. Roughly 70%–90% of methane emitted from landfills can be captured and burned to produce electricity, preventing the release of this greenhouse gas. The Landfill Methane Outreach Program encourages the use of technologies to harness landfill gas for energy. Since the program began in 1994, methane reductions from landfills have been equivalent to the emissions of 15 million vehicles each year. Around 540 landfills turn their gas into energy—an estimated 600 more could do the same. Did you know that garbage can be a valuable source of energy?

Artist: Joi Leo-Wagenberg, “Mighty Methane”

This idea is so cool!  If you can create energy out of garbage, there must be nothing that you can’t do!  – Nico and Charlie

The Red Sox Are Playing in the World Series and We Had a Baseball Cool Globe Too!


Take Simple Steps

The saying “best alone, better together” is fitting for a major league baseball team, and also holds true when it comes to solutions to climate change . Positive steps like switching to CFLs are good, but are even better when combined with other efforts, such as recycling and conserving water. Share a ride on the way to work. Drink your coffee from a re-useable mug. A strong left fielder can’t make the game if his first baseman can’t catch. Consistency is key in this fight against climate change , so keep up the positive actions. With a little effort, we can all be a team in this cause. Stepping up to bat for the environment is a homerun!

Artist: Thom Cicchelli, “A Perfect Game Plan”

Sponsor: Connors Family Office

We LOVE this globe! And we LOVE the Red Sox!!!  – Charlie and Nico

Boston Cool Globes Exhibit Ends Today!

But you can continue to admire the exhibit on this blog!  We will keep posting about the Cool Globes! – Charlie and Nico


Walk Your Chalk Globe

How will you “leave your mark” on the planet?  Can you help cool this globe?  How will you be part of the solution? Visitors to the Cool Globes Exhibit Opening Day in Boston were invited to write and draw on this globe with chalk.  Responding to the artist’s thought provoking prompts, participants shared their ideas for living a green life, reducing their carbon footprint, and being part of the solution to climate change.  This created a proactive community chalkboard art project with scores of Bostonians taking action, leaving their mark, declaring their determination to cool this globe, to walk what they chalked.

Artist: Nancy Pochis Bank